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In My Fathers House Food Pantry
Over 5 years, In My Father’s House Community Support Services Network Inc. has grown into one of the newest- sectarian providers of human and educational services in small, urban communities.
•Currently, In My Father’s House Community Support Service Network, Inc. has served over 2,800 families in 4 communities. Yet, there are over 75% youth in Catawba alone who are in need of the services. In My Father’s House Community Support Services Network, Inc. would like to fill this gap. Between 2004-05 and 2011-12, Catawba County saw an 86% increase (18,495 to 34,384) in Food Assistance to families. In 2012, 39.3% (12,017) of Food Assistance recipients were under age 18. In My Father’s House Food Pantry has just partnered up with Operation Blessings Hunger Task Force in order help meet the demands of the communities. But there are still items that need to be purchase in order for families to have a complete meal. Our Partnership with Kingsway Charites has opened up other areas to for community such as: Over- the Counter Medication, Hygiene Products, Cleaning Supplies and much more.

Source: Catawba County DSS Annual Report 2013
In 2014 In My Father’s House opened up a Thrift Store to help with the cost the operation with the Food Pantry and The Love Train Community Outreach Program. To help meet the demands of those in need throughout the community, we’re here to serve. Whenever the Love Train goes out into a community we take a hot meal, groceries, clothing, and live music. We get a chance to hear the heart of the people in the community. 

In My Fathers House Thrift Store
The Thrift store carries a large selection of donated merchandise from the community. Items are donated on a daily basis. All items are a dollar except for red tag and specialty merchandise. We serve a very large diverse group of people. Whenever a person has found themselves in an emergency type situation with food or clothing we are able to help. If they come in with a voucher, they’ll be able to fill out and application and whatever is stated on the voucher recipient will be able to get those items. Also we give away 5 outfits per person first visit, if a client is still in need 2 outfits will be given.

Higher Learning Plus Tutorial Services
In My Father’s House Community Support Services Network Inc. Ladder up Tutorial Services Program which is located in Newton, North Carolina and at the presence time we are serving Newton, Lincoln, Vale youth and adults. Mission is to provide extended educational instruction to all ages, with emphasis on school age children which are lagging behind and in no wise be able to receive assistance. Within the last year we have added other entities to our program, other social/educational program such as program for developmentally challenged adults.
To provide motivation to develop overall reading skills.
Improve independent grammar and reading skills by using various interventions and strategies.
To provide age and grade appropriate materials to build self-confidence, fluency and vocabulary.
Improve independent math skills by using manipulative tools, technology teacher to student modeling and vice versa.
Encourage self-appreciation and appreciate social skills.

The Mentoring Program  
Queen Esther Youth Development Program
In this region we have a lot of “At- Risk Youth”. Many of the youth in this area don’t have the stability of a father and mother in their homes. They are subject to making unwise decisions without proper guidance of a mentor. Our focus is young ladies from the ages of 13-17 mentees for the program. Some of these young women have dropped out of school or on the verge of dropping out. Other issues concerning this population are teen pregnancy, emotional distress in the form of negligence and abuse, and educational incapacity.
The program will consist of timeline as follows:
Bronze, requires the mentee to be enrolled for one year. 
Silver, requires the mentee to be enrolled for three years.
Gold requires the mentee to be enrolled for five years.
Upon completion of the program they will be able to participate in Queen Ester Pageant Extraganza. They will be awarded various scholarships and different perks from various companies and partners which will sponsor the event.  
Purpose of Program
Our goal is to empower and teach developmental skills and values of commitment to, their families and community. We are striving, to build their self-esteem, to set goals and strive for the spirit of excellence.
 We hope to accomplish the following: Nutrition and Fitness Classes, Beauty and Fashion, Personal Hygiene, Abstinence, Money Management, College Readiness, CPR & First Aid Classes and Parenting 101 mentoring services throughout the program.

We help assist those in need of going to the doctor or school. You have to allow the office time to process your location time arrival . We ask that you give 2 week notice of appointments.

•In My Father’s House Community Support Services Network. Goal is to expand throughout Catawba, Caldwell, Lincoln, Gaston and Cleveland County, eventually, to franchise the model to other locations outside this region.
As a result of this process, In My Father’s House Community Support Service Network Inc. Now has:
-A short and long-term vision for the organization
-A 5-year regional growth plan centered on core programs

In My Fathers House Community Support Services Network Inc. Services

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