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The Queen Esther Youth Development Mentoring Program

Welcome Queens!
Welcome to The Queen Esther Youth Development Mentoring Program. We are honored to have you here! We look forward to working with you and your family to ensure your success in all aspects of your life. We believe that every girl has a dream and a goal that they desire to fulfill.   We, as your mentors, are here to be in your corner pushing you forward and cheering you on. In this region, we have a lot of youth, many of which do not have the stability of a two-parent home. They are sometimes subjected to making unwise decisions because of the lack of proper guidance and support of a mentor. Our focus for men-tees are young ladies from thirteen to seventeen years of age. 
We want to help prevent major departmental and irrational decision of the youth such as dropping out of school, teen pregnancy and being educationally incapacitated. Also issues of feeling neglected, abused and/or emotional distress. Our goal is to empower and educate on developmental skills and values of commitment to their families and community We are striving to help build self-respect, self-esteem, temperance, confidence accountability and acknowledgements. We hold these values to high esteem and stature and will influence and encourage the same path for all men-tees in the spirit of excellence.We hope to accomplish purposeful skills and values such as nutrition and fitness, beauty and fashion, personal hygiene, abstinence, financial stability,college readiness, CPR and more.
The Queen Esther Youth Development Program is a christian based program and the men-tees will each get an opportunity to express their position in
their spiritual journey and will have various times of group and one-on-one salvation and soul sessions.
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